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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dominican Republic

A long, long time ago when Tyler and I first talked about getting married and going on a honeymoon, we would debate the merits of an island honeymoon vs. a European honeymoon -- I was all about Europe and he was all about relaxing on a beach. Once we actually got married (one study abroad and one teaching job in France later), a honeymoon in Europe didn't sound as exotic as it once did and we decided on the Dominican Republic. We really wanted to go to Kokomo à la The Beach Boys, but it turns out that it doesn't exist.

Considering how long we've been together and our capacity for procrastination, we decided on our destination kind of impulsively. Within the span of a couple of days, we hit a productive streak and bought a flight and timeshare time (thanks Mom and Dad) to head to Paradisus Palma Real Resort in Punta Cana over my spring break. The trip was almost four months ago, so there isn't much that I can report other than the fact that we were well-fed, well-rested, and miraculously not sunburned upon our return.

More photos after the jump.

 Waiting to take our red eye flight.

The hotel room

We had to wear these bracelets the whole time we were there. 
The concierge cut them off of us when we checked out. :( 

The pool and resort

The resort lobby

The rainy night before we left.

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