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Friday, December 27, 2013

Children's Books: Abel's Island by William Steig

I adore children's books and recently discovered Abel's Island by William Steig. It's about a mouse named Abel who goes on a picnic with his wife when the weather turns sour. In an unfortunate chain of events, he is carried off to a deserted river island where he spends a year becoming a much more self-reliant mouse than ever before. He used to just live off of family money, doing nothing in particular besides spending his time being posh and civilized. Now he needs to rely on his instincts to survive.

The style and content of the writing is fairly elevated for a children's book, especially in the dead of winter when Abel is starting to give up hope. Overall though, Abel is always hopeful that he will be able to return home someday.

A very sweet book and at only 119 pages (including the beautiful illustrations) a very quick read. In 1989, a 30 minute, animated version won an Emmy. 

And if you speak Dutch, here's the video, courtesy of youtube. 

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