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Monday, December 30, 2013

One Year of Marriage

Today is our first wedding anniversary and I cannot believe that it has already been a year. I wish that I had written down how everything felt that day. All I can remember is that everything actually went perfectly. It was kind of weird. I'm not as organized a person as I sometimes pretend to be, so it was a testament to my wonderful family and friends that everything was put together as it should be from the guest book and cake tables to the centerpieces. Before the wedding, the only thing I did was sleep in, get my hair and makeup done, put on a dress, and drink a glass of champagne.

Before that day though, so much work went into building our paper moon photo booth, writing and sealing our invitations, writing out our chalkboard table assignments, and making a million decisions that we did not realize were in our future when Tyler put a ring on my finger. This entire fall, I've been thinking about all of weekends we spent running around to the flower shop, to the cake shop, to the dress alterer, to the invitation ladies, to the suit rental, to photography appointments. Although I admit that parts of it were fun, I am so glad that is all over. I'd love to relive the day of the wedding, but I've loved this past year. I love the little life we've built and the trips we've taken and the nights we've spent in and answering the question, "How's married life treatin' ya?" about two hundred times. In many ways, married life is the same as our non-married couple life -- we just had an awesome party to kick it off this time. 

More, long-overdue pictures of our wedding day after the jump...

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  1. Reliving these moments was so much fun. Great post!