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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A San Francisco New Year's

For New Year's Eve and our anniversary, we decided to go to San Francisco, the city where we got engaged two years ago. We were excited to spend New Year's eve with our friends, take a day-trip to the East Bay, and eat at all of our favorite spots. Our friend Kelley was nice enough to let us stay with her at her place in the Inner Sunset. I love this neighborhood because it's right next to Golden Gate Park and it feels smaller than the rest of San Francisco. The buildings aren't as high and it has a lot of the same restaurants as Berkeley (Naan N Curry and Crepevine being two that we went to this trip). Unfortunately, it's also known as one of the foggiest parts of San Francisco but we were lucky to have sunny, clear skies every day we were there.

Here are some pictures from the trip...

Kelley's neighbors get super into decorating for the holidays, and not just Christmas. Apparently they go all out for everything from Halloween to St. Patrick's Day.

We took a day trip on our anniversary to Berkeley and walked through campus, picked up some Cal shirts, found Tyler's old houses from his undergrad days, and went for lunch at my favorite restaurant of all time, La Mediterranee.

This is the house on Benvenue where I used to visit Tyler.

The most delicious meal you will ever have in your life -- the chicken pomegranate. I need to find the recipe. I'm thinking it involves some kind of slow-cooking because the chicken is so juicy and falls right off the bone. My mouth is watering just typing this.

Getting breakfast at Crepevine with Kelley. The night before, we took over the top floor of King of Thai in North Beach, a repeat of the night of our engagement with all of our friends two years ago.

For New Year's eve, we stayed at a friend's family's place at the Four Seasons Hotel. The place was huge and you couldn't beat the views. We looked at the windows at midnight to watch the fireworks from the Ferry Building.

A little blurry, but it's the only one I've got of the two of us from that night.

We stayed there the next day and took in the daytime views.

The Transamerica building

 While we were hanging out, someone brought out markers and Cars coloring pages and the level of concentration at the kitchen table was a little intense. Apparently coloring brings out people's quirks because the reluctance to share markers was very apparent and kind of hilarious.






Before we left for our flight, we took a quick walk around Golden Gate Park, casually looking for the spot where Tyler proposed. That day we had wandered around so much that I had no idea if we could find it again, but we walked up a hill and there it was.

I love our dating story and our proposal story. It's so fun to relive those moments and think about all of the moments to come. It was a wonderful trip.

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  1. Fun to see all your wonderful adventures from your anniversary weekend. :)