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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Guide to Knowledge

Here is my extended metaphor poem to show my kids. This one was fun to write. 

The Guide to Knowledge

I am an incomplete, single-volume reference book.
The one with the red cover on the low shelf.

I’m missing the entire science section
but two pages on the planets
and basic geography.
I ripped out my pages and
wrapped them in ribbon
for my husband’s birthday.

I’m missing economics and business
and architecture, excluding
gothic and classical modes.
The math is there, but the text is so faded
that no one can decipher it.
There’s medicine and law,
but the print is too fine.
My history section starts with Mesopotamia,
skips straight to Columbus,
and stops at
World War II.

Come to me if you
want to know who won
the Academy Award for
Best Actress in 1934
Lewis Carroll’s pen name
the first autobiography in English.
I can tell you the song that impressed John
into inviting Paul into his band.
I can tell you the silent Marx brother’s name,
the Bumstead’s baby girl,
the book where Sigourney Weaver found her name.
The author of The Color Purple and
the painter of Nighthawks and
the composer of “S’Wonderful” and
the director of Meet Me in St. Louis.

Ask me anything, but remember: I’m incomplete.

Key: Claudette Colbert, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, The Book of Margery Kempe, "Twenty Flight Rock," Harpo, Cookie, The Great Gatsby, Alice Walker, Edward Hopper, Gershwin brothers, Vincente Minnelli

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