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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Puppy Plunge

For years we've been having the puppy talk and this time I think we might take the plunge. My aunt and uncle's labrador is about to have puppies and all I can think about is how adorable those puppies were the last time that they bred one of their dogs. We were at their cabin in northern Arizona and I just fell in love with one of them, but we lived in a tiny place and I was just about to start student teaching. Now we still live in a tiny place, but will be more than likely moving by the time the puppy starts getting too gangly for a one bedroom house.

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The night we found out that puppies would be born soon, Tyler and I started listing off as many cute dog names as we could think of. We tend to lean towards something science or literature-inspired, but there were some other funny ones (Bark Obama, Ruff Limbaugh, Woofdrow Wilson and so on). 

Our biggest concern though is our small space and busy schedules. We should be able to work something out so that the puppy wouldn't be alone for more than four hours, but that's still a long time for it to be alone. 

Any advice for raising a labrador in a small home?

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