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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Year of Hobbies: January Check-in

It is almost February (one month into the year of hobbies) and I am happy to report some progress in the knitting department. It turns out that loom knitting is sort of outrageously easy. I went over to my sister's house last week thinking that we'd have to tiptoe through the directions together, but there really is nothing to it. Buy the yarn, wrap it around the pegs, make some loops and you have a hat. Actually, make that three hats.

This is the first one that I made as a gift to my sister for letting me be her knitting apprentice all fall. I love the colors.

I made both of these last Sunday when we were at Tyler's parents hanging out and watching football. I still want to put a pom pom on the gray one for Tyler (I'm thinking maybe black?) and I just added the ears to the other last night. Pinterest and youtube, people -- they are amazing resources for knitting among other things.  

Tyler was teasing me for doing so much pinning immediately after my 'don't pin it, do it' post, but I think making those ears entitles me to some more pinning rights. 

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