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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Essay Deadlines and the Puppy Plunge: Part III

The semester is in full swing now and I'm finding less and less time for fun. I feel like I'm in a great race against essay deadlines. Two weeks ago my freshmen turned in poetry anthologies, so I raced to finish grading all of them before my sophomores turned in a rhetorical analysis this past Wednesday. I just finished grading those so that I can get to their AIMS benchmark essays before my freshmen turn in another paper on Thursday. A meme has never been so true...

I definitely need to take at least a 24-hour break from grading because I get more and more jaded with each one. If I have to tell another student to not call authors by their first names or to use Times New Roman or to put thesis statements at the end of the introduction or to put article and poem titles in quotation marks, I might explode. I feel like a broken record player.

How do you make these essay comments stick? It's hard to tell the difference between a student who does not know that the explanation should not just summarize the textual evidence and a student who is just too lazy to fix it. Sometimes I think that students are just not developmentally ready for style or rhetorical analysis, but then I'll have a handful of kids that really get it.

Anyway, we are in the full swing of getting our house ready for the puppy. I went to see them last Monday along with my parents and my brother's family. It was his little girl Nicaea's third birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to be surrounded by puppies? We still don't know which puppy we will get, but we definitely want one of the girls, mostly because of size. The stud's owner and my cousin have first priority and both of them want girls, so Tyler and I will just be choosing between two rather than four. Our plan is to just pick whichever one is the most laid-back. I'd be lying though if I said I didn't have the slightest preference to the one who fell asleep on my lap for twenty minutes though...

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