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Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Elvis and The Biggest Cooke in Town

Growing up we always had our favorite movies that we watched over and over again. When it came to screen time in the Anderson family living room, Honeymoon in Vegas was definitely up there. It certainly was a shock, though, when we watched it as a family on DVD for the first time and saw the bedroom scene which had been censored from our previous VHS recording -- smart, sneaky parents.

One of the more pleasant surprises of watching that movie now is realizing who the little Elvis impersonator has grown up to become. 

Bruno Mars was a pleasure to watch during the halftime show last night and all throughout, I kept spotting similarities between him and everything from Michael Jackson to The Police to The Temptations to Elvis to Sam Cooke. With the 50th anniversary of "A Change is Gonna Come," I'd love to hear Bruno Mars cover some Sam Cooke. 


I'd like to think that I would have discovered Sam Cooke on my own as an adult, but the credit goes to my big brother. Thanks for blasting your music from across the hall, constantly leaving it on even after you'd leave the house, and dominating the CD player on family road trips. It may have driven me up the wall as a teenager, but I certainly appreciate it now. Except for that Pete Townshend song, of course. :)

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  1. Great post. Didn't know that about the little Elvis! Cute!