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Friday, March 28, 2014

Puppy Plunge: Part IX, The Two Week Mark and "Do Less."

It has been a great first two weeks with Zora. I won't lie -- there have been some ups and downs, but overall she has been doing really well. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, Tyler reminds me to just "Do less." I'm working on not being such a helicopter-puppy parent, but it's amazing the trouble she can get into when we're not watching her like hawks.

She's been accident free for over a week. She'll occassionally cry in her kennel, but never for longer than a few minutes. She loves all of her toys (especially the plastic Coke bottle that her Bapa left her after watching her during the day this week -- thanks, Dad!) and is working on those fetching skills. She loves to explore the yard and is getting bolder every day -- except when a stranger walks into the yard. She is a bit of a scaredy-cat, but we're working on it and can't wait until she finishes her shots so that we can take her out and about.

Things we love about Zora:
  • Her floppy ears
  • Her 2:1 sleep to play ratio
  • Her soft belly
  • The way she sleeps with her head under the couch
  • The way she sleeps with her whole body under the couch except for her legs, making her look like half of a spider
She had her first puppy playdate with a non-littermate on Wednesday night. It took her awhile to warm up to her new friend Pippa, a sweet border collie mix that our friend is fostering, but once they sniffed each other out, they had a blast sprinting and jumping around the yard together. My memory card was full, but there will definitely be pictures of the next time they see each other. 

Zora at ten weeks -- squeaky donut for scale

Biting at a fly, but it looks like she is howling. :)
More photos after the jump...

The second day we had her

Sleeping through the booming of Catching Fire 

Wondering when the pictures will ever stop

That tongue!

Surrounded by her toys

Mindy and Cecily visiting last Sunday
Spider legs

Napping with sock monkey

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