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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Puppy Plunge: Part VIII Zora's First Day

Yesterday was Zora's first day as an official part of our family and we are completely in love. She spends 90% of her time napping and the other 10% eating and playing. Right now her favorite toy appears to be her orange sock monkey/rope, but her tennis ball is a close second based on this morning's 6:45 am livingroom game of fetch. 

We left to pick her up around noon yesterday and she was pretty nervous at the beginning of the drive from North Scottsdale down to our place in Tempe. I held her in my lap wrapped up in a "Starry Night" blanket and she calmed down well before the end of the excursion. When we got home, we let her explore the yard which mostly consisted of her staring, taking a few gulps of water, and promptly falling asleep on her blanket. I sat outside with her while she napped and our friend Kevin came to be her first visitor (thanks for the yard anchor and cute bandana!). 

Later, once we brought her inside, she was pretty timid. She still hasn't ventured into the kitchen or down the hallway, which is really saying something if you know how tiny our one-bedroom house is. She would patter a few steps and then run back to sit in my lap, then take a few steps away and come right back. 

Her big girl collar for once she grows a bit more

More on Zora's first day after the jump.

Checking out the yard...

looking at the camera...

getting sleepy...



After one last looooong nap under the chair, Zora finally burst into action. She ran around the yard, played with her toys, and chased us around while her tail flew back and forth like a high speed metronome. Tyler was in heaven.

Making her best Chloe face

Chewing up her sock monkey

Later my parents and brother came to see Zora, who was of course sleeping again. They brought her some toys including an awesome pink rubber donut à la Simpsons.

As far as her first night goes, she was beyond easy. We stayed up and watched a movie until about midnight when she woke up from yet another nap. Then we played with her for about forty-five minutes before she crawled back into her kennel and fell asleep, even once we shut the door. I set an alarm for 4 am and she never made a peep. Not a single cry! She was passed out and spooning her bed when I woke her up to go outside. Then she went back in her kennel and slept until 6:30. 

She has been doing great on this day two. We'll be taking her out to see some more family and friends soon and are curious how she will be around other family dogs. We love this little one and can't wait to keep watching her play, sleep, and grow.

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