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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break at the Grand Canyon

A year ago we were laying on the beach in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, but this spring break we took a very different approach -- snowboarding in Flagstaff and visiting the Grand Canyon. Snowboarding was successful (I finally got toe side to heel side!) and there was hardly anyone on the slopes since we went on a Wednesday. On Thursday, despite being sore from our day in the snow, we took a short hike around the rim of the canyon. It was cloudy all day and we even got some snow flurries toward the end of our hike.  

More pictures after the jump.

We loved spotting this little bluebird, hopping around and taking in the view. 

Recreating a childhood photo

Mimi and Mom



Tyler and I have a mild obsession with retro posters and knew when we spotted these postcards that we had to have them. The plan is to turn them into coasters, but we'd love to fill a nursery with old Disneyland attraction posters someday for the same kind of look. 

The other great find was the national parks passport that my grandparents and parents got for us. We can't wait to take our next road trip and fill it with stamps. And we'll be taking our little Zora with us. Updates on our sweet puppy coming soon!

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  1. Love all the pics. You got some awesome shots! Love that cute little bird too!