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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Almost-Birthday to Me

This Saturday we had an impromptu gathering at my parents to celebrate my birthday. It technically isn't until this Tuesday, but with the busy week and weekend ahead, we decided to get together. I loved spending the whole afternoon outside watching my nieces and all of the dogs running around.

These next couple of months will be very bittersweet. As most people know, Tyler and I will be leaving Arizona at the end of June to live in Washington state until we figure out where we'll be next. Tyler is graduating from ASU in May, and he has to dedicate so much time to running his lab that he can't be in full job-hunting mode until he leaves. Mindy and Josh will also be moving, though even sooner and further away to the east coast. We have to soak up every moment we can get with them and Cecily and the rest of our family before these big changes.

Cecily, Zora, Kayoobi


Tyler with Lady, Kayoobi, and Zora, attempting to get Zora to sit for a treat


Big girl Siena

Nicaea and her long curls

Tyler and Siena

Nieces on the slide

Blue-eyed beauty Cecily
More after the jump...

Those curls!

Uncle Josh and Zora

A blur

Me and Zora with Siena playing in the background

Tyler and Zora, with Lady photobombing

What my mom looks like when she's getting a picture of her grandbabies...

and what she looks like when she realizes she's being photographed. :)

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