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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello... you've been stung by a bee.

Well, folks, the pet drama continues. Oh yes, we have had not one but two vet scares in the past three days and I am sure glad we didn't go to the animal hospital on Sunday. The red eyes are nothing compared to today's trauma. The words, "Ohmygod, she's going to die and you don't even caaaare!" might have come out of my mouth.

I guess it started last week when I bought Zora a plastic kiddie pool from Fry's. It has been so hot and I knew she'd love having the cool water to play around in. I filled it up for the first time yesterday and she went crazy for it. There are little pictures of sea life all over the bottom, so she spent most of her time trying to bite at and attack the inanimate, 2-D fish. It did seem to attract some bees, but they would fly off when there was a near miss with Zora's snappy tail or when she started really splashing around. Something about the pool must've revitalized her energy because she was up playing for five hours straight.

This afternoon when I got home from work, everything proceeded as normal. She ate, played around in the yard, and would periodically take big gulps from her new giant water bowl -- aka the pool. There were some bees trapped in the water, so I 'rescued' them and put them where they could dry and fly away without being disturbed. Bees are endangered-ish now, right?

Anyway, all is well and I'm catching up on the next few chapters of TKAM for my freshmen when I hear a yelp. Zora starts running around the yard, batting at her face and I think, "Oh, she must've gotten stung. Well, I guess she won't bother the bees anymore," and continue reading, thinking this is not a big deal. Au contraire.

A few minutes later, she starts sniffing frantically and goes #2 with a less-than-desirable consistency, so I mop it out of the grass as best as I can and take it out to the trash. She sits sweetly by her invisible gate while I throw it away and gets her routine hug for being a good girl and not walking out to the parked cars. It's then that I notice her upper left lip. It is huge. 

I run inside to look up what to do for bee stings and here is the direct quote:

Bee, wasp, yellow jacket and hornet stings are generally not much of an issue for a dog, but some dogs, like some people, have allergic reactions to stings that can range from mild to very severe, or even deadly (emphasis is mine). The most common symptoms allergic dogs are likely to experience following a bee sting are hives and swelling, but more severe reactions can include vomiting, diarrhea and trouble breathing.Take action to reduce your dog's discomfort as soon as he is stung. If your dog appears to be having an allergic reaction, seek immediate veterinary attention.

They just had to throw in the word deadly and she just had to have had diarrhea immediately after it happened. To make a short story shorter, she wound up looking like this.

I called Tyler, my parents, and my aunt and eventually decided that she absolutely needed to see a vet. I've never even seen what a human being stung by a bee looks like, but this level of swelling did not seem normal. Tyler begrudgingly left work and drove us through ASU traffic while I held her, crying and panicking that she would be dead before we even got there. Again, the point was made that I am not ready for children and how would our five-year-old feel if she were sick and I was crying this hysterically and predicting her untimely demise all the way to the doctor? Thank goodness Zora doesn't speak English. 

When we got to the animal hospital, everyone's laid back attitude made me feel downright silly. If she was dying, paperwork would not have taken fifteen minutes, nor would the technician have made so many jokes about how much she was looking like a Shar Pei. 

Maybe a Shar Pei that just got in a dog fight?

Once we saw the vet, he said that Zora was a textbook case of an allergic reaction to a bee sting, but we were right to bring her in. They would give her two shots, one an antihistamine and the other a steroid, and her swelling would be down within thirty minutes and completely gone within twelve hours. She was shaking like a leaf when they brought her back to us and didn't relax again until we were home. Of course, she still desperately wanted to play with Tyler; however, as he pulled an all-nighter and barely slept after needing to play with her all morning, he immediately plopped onto the couch and passed out. She whined for awhile, but now they are both sleeping soundly as I write this post.

Two hundred and eleven dollars later, here we are. I sure hope this pup doesn't turn out to be as accident prone as she's seeming lately...

At least it reminded me of this great Shel Silverstein poem

Spelling Bee

I got stung by a bee
I won’t tell you where.
I got stung by a bee
I was just lyin’ there,
And it tattooed a message
I can’t tell you where
That spells out 

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