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Friday, April 18, 2014

Home from Tahoe

So I thought that I posted this last Monday, but apparently not. Here it is, four days late!


I am so happy to have our Zora back today. We went to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend with friends and it was a blast, but I definitely missed our Zbug/Monster/Zora-the-explorer/Z. She has the luxury of getting to play with her sister, mama, and grandma at my Aunt Kelly's when we're gone. We have the luxury of knowing she's in great hands.

Today there was some sad-for-us news, though -- Zora's friend Pippa has been adopted. She'll be with a great family and her puppy brother, so it's awesome news, but that means no more last-minute puppy dates for us when Zora needs to run off some energy. Luckily, Zora should be ready to go on walks and to the park in a few weeks once she gets those last shots.

She's been tough to figure out today. I think she's just exhausted from her non-stop play time, but it's not going to be very convenient at 11:00 when she's ready to play and I'm ready to fall into bed. Tyler's giving his dissertation tomorrow too, so I'm on full-time puppy duty tonight. Crossing my fingers that she's still sleepy tonight...

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On another note, the rest of my birthday week was great. I wanted to keep things pretty low-key, so I met up with my mom, sister, niece, and Tyler for lunch at Joe's Farm Grill after school. I got out of work early that day because of AIMS testing, so it was really convenient. Then I ran a few errands and hurried home to play with Zora for a couple of hours before heading to trivia night at Boulders on Broadway. My parents joined our team for the night and we came this close to winning, but changed our answer to the final question at the very last minute -- as usual.

Me and Tyler

This was kind of an odd birthday. There's nothing really monumental about 26 and all I determined was that I'm getting closer to being in my late-twenties as opposed to my mid. Just when I was starting to feel old, though, the security guy at the airport had to double-check that I was over eighteen for the full body scanner. Then on our return flight, the man at the gate asked if I was Tyler's daughter. That one was weird. I just raised my eyebrow and said, "Spouse..."

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