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Monday, May 12, 2014

Highs and Lows, Mother's Day, and Brett's Birthday

It's been a rough couple of days. I started feeling sick Thursday night with a cough and by Sunday morning, my nose was dripping, my throat was sore, my head pounded with every cough, and my ears were completely stuffed up. You never remember how awful being sick is until it happens. Here are the low and high points of the past two days:

Low point: Waiting in the Urgent Care lobby filled with crying children and The Croods.
High point: Leaving the waiting room of crying children and The Croods.

Low point: Curling up in my hallway crying about missing Mother's Day and Brett's birthday celebrations while my puppy and husband stared at me with utter confusion and disbelief.
High point: Watching When Harry Met Sally and drinking Walgreens brand 7Up.

Low point: Eating three-quarters of frozen pizza by myself.
High point: Taking Zora on her first real walk around the neighborhood with Tyler.

Low point: Realizing in my last class of the day that I'd been walking around with pasta sauce caked into my hair since lunch.
High point: Singing on the car ride home with a low voice that sounds something like a mix between Etta James and Tom Petty.

Me and my mama

Laying on the couch, I couldn't help thinking back to those days staying home sick from school. Mom would make me a 'nest' on the couch -- a thick blanket wrapped around me like a burrito, pillows all around, watching Silly Symphonies and Alice in Wonderland. To make a long story short, it's so much more convenient to be sick when you have your mom around to take care of you. I hope that someday I can manage to give my kids fond memories of even their sick days. Thanks, Mama. :)

Speaking of fond memories, I can't believe my little brother is twenty-two years old. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I'd be in the bathroom, washing my face and brushing my teeth, while he lay in bed across the hall, asking me an endless stream of questions from musings on the advantages of certain Pokemon to Harry Potter theories. Or he'd be playing with his "thinkin' guy," a Michael Jordan action figure that he adored even when all that remained was the torso. Or his collection of "swords" that he would wear all at once around his waist, even if the "sword" was only a plastic spoon or a lego construction. Or playing Harry Potter CD-ROMs together. Or watching Pagemaster and The Sword in the Stone. Or him dominating the Hook Super Nintendo game. I miss those days. Happy birthday, Mr. B.

Brett's 2nd Birthday

Brett's High School Graduation

I'm thinking circa 1998? -- Aaron, Brett, Mindy, me

Pulling the sword in the stone -- cousin Mark, Aaron, Brett, Tyler, me

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