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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Away and a Doggy Family Reunion

For Memorial Day weekend, we went up north to Tyler's family's cabin in Pine. Zora had fun playing with her German Sheperd friend Scarlett and seeing her doggy family at our pit stop in Forest Lakes to see my aunt and uncle's family. We're excited to keep spending lots of time up north to get away from the valley heat (a high of 108 today in Tempe! Yuck!).

Yawning on the car ride

Flying around with Scarlett

Crazy eyes

Driving up to Forest Lakes

Family reunion -- Cinder and Zora

Mama Maize, Zora, Grandma Anna, and Cinder
 More after the jump.

Playing fetch and swimming at the pond

Maize fetching

Puppy splash to the right

Going after Grandma Anna and her stick

Zora and her Mama Maize

Cinder, Zora, and Tyler

The ball in mid-air

Pups with Grandma



Puppy kisses for Aunt Kelly

Sharing a rawhide bone



Tyler and I laughed about how our car looked like the baby SUV.



Zora, Maize, and Cinder


Grandma Anna, Cinder, and Zora

Grandma Anna, Cinder, and Zora

Mama Maize, Cinder, Zora, and Grandma Anna

Maize, Zora, Cinder, and Anna

Zora blinked!

Saying bye

One more throw, Tyler?

Zora trying to stay awake on the car ride back to the cabin.

Tyler's family's dog Denali, a Samoyed


Thanks for the blankets, Tutu!

What a goof.

Cozy nap on the drive home

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