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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day and WWZS: What Would Zora Say?

This poor dog of ours. If Zora were able to speak, here is what I imagine her asking us.

Why am I still wearing this thing around my head? Have you not noticed me trying to chew it off? Hello??? Take it off of me!

Why don't we play fetch anymore? You guys are lame.

Why don't we go on walks anymore? You guys are super lame.

No more dog park? Lame lame lame.

I know I like sleeping, but come on. This is getting old. 

You want me to go in my crate with this thing on? 

Could you guys just stop with the moving of the furniture and boxing sh*t up already? You're stressing me out.

Please stop analyzing my every move. So I overate and puked. Big deal.

Oh yeah, this bump on my stomach? It's probably because you guys are neglectful pet owners and let me run around too much after surgery. Just because I want to go outside every two minutes doesn't mean you're supposed to let me! Duh!

So we basically suck. She did have a fun night on Saturday when we had a few friends over for a going away party, but spent most of Father's Day in her crate. Poor pup.

Father's Day Family Photo - minus Mom and Mindy

I've been missing these two a lot lately. On a side note, I also miss our lawn. Look at that green!

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