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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sleepless Night: $52. Zero Worries About Zora Getting Pregnant: Priceless.

I should be packing, but I'm too busy staring at Zora and making sure she doesn't lick her sutures, have diarrhea on the floor, or vomit up her meds. She kept us up all night whining and crying. She didn't even do that on her first night with us.

On the drive home from the clinic yesterday afternoon, she was super out of it and doing a lot of drooling. She barely had the energy to pant in the hot car. Once we got her home, she just stood in the middle of the floor with her head down, crying and bumping into furniture. Eventually she passed out on the floor, completely rejecting her new bed. We'd gotten it at Costco earlier in the day because I figured she wouldn't fit in her kennel with her e-collar (aka cone of shame). That and I didn't want her to sleep in our bed and strain herself jumping up and down.

First pass out session. Note the perfectly good bed to the right.

She looked so pathetic on the floor though, so Tyler picked her up and put her in our bed and she fell asleep again right away. I hung out with her and watched The Long, Hot Summer while he went to trivia night. I wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong with her pain meds and whatnot, but of course Zora slept for almost the entire time he was gone and probably wouldn't have even noticed if I'd left too. I just couldn't handle the thought of her wandering the house looking for us and peering out of her cone. Every now and then, she'd wake up and start crying, so I'd peek around the cone and she'd stare at me until she couldn't hold her eyes open anymore. She was such a sweetie and so confused and I couldn't leave her side. However, around 3 am, I changed my tune.

Zora whined and cried all night. At first it was just sad and pathetic, because she needed to go outside and had terrible diarrhea. Then she was standing in the kitchen so I filled up her water, set it down, and received a blank stare until I figured out that what she wanted was food. This is at 1:30am. She's understandably hungry since she only ate a few bits of her kibble at 9 that night and had been pretty much fasting for over 24 hours. I proceed to feel terrible for not realizing this sooner, and then lay next to her on her new bed, rubbing her back to get her to fall back asleep. She sleeps for a grand total of fifteen minutes before getting up and whining by the closed bedroom door. Figuring it's the diarrhea again, I let her go outside but all she does is plop down in the grass -- commence freak out from me because she's not supposed to be outside for anything other than going to the bathroom for the next two weeks and I don't want to go back to the vet and have to explain how I already managed to let her get her incision infected. I pick her up and bring her back inside.

This scenario repeated until about 3 am when I stopped using a whisper and demanded that Zora lay down in her bed. Tyler, Mr. DogWhispererAlpha, then woke up from his slumber and commenced his Zora night watch with, of course, much greater success than me. Then at some point she woke up again and it was my turn and then back to Tyler and then back to me when he left for work this morning. And now, with approximately five hours of interrupted sleep and a stomach full of coffee, I watch jealously as Zora sleeps soundly on the armchair for what has now been two and a half hours. At least I only lost sleep for the low price of $52.

Eventually embracing the new bed.

Maybe once she gets used to her cone, we'll embarrass her (and ourselves) with some creative, albeit dorky, photos.

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