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Thursday, June 5, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 1

via pinterest - actual journal not pictured because they're all boxed up :(

Every Thursday when I was teaching, I would post a 'Throwback Thursday' picture of myself on the board. I loved the idea of showing my students that their teacher was once a kid too, with awkward stages and bad haircuts and ballet recitals and broken arms. In that spirit, I'm bringing Throwback Thursday back, but this time it's Throwback Thursday: Journal Edition.

I have had a journal on and off from the time I was seven years old. It very quickly evolved into musings on my crush of the week, but before it did, I chose to chronicle some hilariously odd information. I'll post two journal entries since these two are so short. I was eight years old, so easy on the proofreading.

Dear Carreen (the name I gave to the cat on the cover of my journal),
Amanda moved, but now Sean is moving. Thats a ripoff. I went to a crystal party. Cathy Weeks has a player piano. It is so cool. See you soon.

P.S My mealworm is a pupa.
P.P.S. My teacher got my ant farm. (It is my classes too.)

Dear Careen,
Today was sort of... boring. Tomorrow I'll right all about myself. I'll right a little now. My favorite color is yellow. My friends are Josy, Ashley, Amber, Chelsea, Leah, Stephanie, Kasi, and Nicole. The person I like is John. I take drama, ballet, Atrium, brownies, and I may take Wham!. My school teacher is Mrs. LaMancusa and my buddies are Cody and I don't know the other one's name Ryan. That is all I can right now.

P.S. Now I'm not doing a day on a page.
P.P.S. I might of already wrote everything about me.
P.P.P.S. The third grade has a program, and I'm in the third grade. Ahhh!

I love that 'who I am' was simple enough to fit in five sentences. 

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