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Thursday, June 19, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 3

Mon., Sept. 20, 1999

Dear Diary,

Last night wasn't so great. I stayed up too late, I blew up (not literally), and some people got hurt because of the rain last night. I "blew up" last night because I didn't know how to put in a stupid spiky headband! I was also mad about some other things last night that I don't feel like talking about. They're kind of embarrassing.

BreAnn finally e-mailed me back! She goes to charter school now. I've known her since kindergarten. We only see each other at soccer games and practices.

For student council, I have to be the panther and do a cheer with some other girls. Twin Day was great. Leanne, Naishi, and I had a debate on whether we looked like M&M's or Skittles.

Tonight on Monday Nitro, there was a match between Benwough and Sting. The result was inconclusive because the referee got knocked out. I was hoping Benwough would win.

I need to tell you something that I have only told Leanne: I think I might like Jordan. He is always very nice to me.

Mom wants me to go to bed now. Bye!


P.S. He loves me... he loves me not... hmmm?

There are several things about this entry that make me laugh. I love that I tried to write my crush confession as small as possible. I totally remember getting mad every time I tried to put in one of those spiky headbands because I couldn't figure out how to get my bangs out, but I have no recollection of what other thing upset me or ever dressing up like a panther for a school assembly.

The professional wrestling part is a tad embarrassing, but comes in handy on trivia nights. It is sad though to think about the tragedy surrounding Chris Benoit.

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