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Monday, June 9, 2014

Thanks for the leaking toilet, Monday.

This morning, Tyler headed off to work, but not before I noticed that the bathroom floor was covered in water a foot in each direction around the toilet.

"Why is there water everywhere?"
"Are you serious???"

The wax seal was broken and with every flush, water shot out of the bottom of the toilet. We rent our place, but given the crummy job the landlord usually does on the place, we typically take care of repairs ourselves. It. Was. Disgusting. Luckily I had little to do with it aside from handing over paper towels and putting the phone on speaker while Tyler's dad walked him through the job, but it was still gross to observe. This is after Tyler cleaned most of it up.

I'm lucky to have married someone who is willing to deal with all the little things that go wrong with our house.

"Aren't you ready to get out of this dump and get to Washington?" I would have said an emphatic yes, but then I remembered the past-winter rat problem I'd heard about...

It's funny to think about real life love and marriage versus movie love and marriage. Saturday night we went and saw The Fault in Our Stars. I didn't tell Tyler anything about it other than the cigarette bit I'd mentioned to him as I was reading, and I'm kind of glad because I think he enjoyed it more than he would have, if you call coming out of the theater with red, puffy eyes 'enjoying it.' When it was over, he leaned his head on my shoulder and laughed when I kissed the top of his head and whispered, "I'm sorry I brought you to such a sad movie."

I love the story and the characters and it was beautifully made and acted, but I wonder if Augustus Waters would have been so dreamy when dealing with the little annoyances of life. The broken toilet, the cracked window, the crawling traffic, the missing sock, the missed flight, the lost keys -- it's funny how people can take death and disaster in stride, but as soon as the internet connection slows or the phone dies, the sky is suddenly falling. No one can be romantic all the time.


  1. Discovering a leaking toilet is not a good way to start your Monday morning. It’s a good thing that your husband is capable of doing repairs like this. And also, kudos to his dad for walking him through the process. I hope it all fixed up. But if not, calling your plumber is a good option.

    Frederic Philhower @ Pure Plumbing Service

  2. It's good to know that you have a husband who's willing and able to fix any plumbing problems that you may encounter. Hahaha! Anyway, how is your toilet now? I hope that everything has been duly done and dealt with, and that the issue isn't recurring at all. Thanks for sharing that, Katrina! All the best to you!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing