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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Forgotten McFlurry

It's been one week since it happened -- since I forgot my McFlurry (and oh yeah, we moved -- more on that later).

Tyler, Zora, and I are driving along on our way to Washington and I allow us to stop at the McDonalds's on two conditions: I get medium fries and an Oreo McFlurry. I almost never eat at McDonald's but I hold a special place in my stomach for their potatoes and desserts.

When the cashier asks if I want the snack size or the regular size McFlurry, I think, What the hell. Why not? Regular it is. I wait patiently next to the soda fountain and rush back to the counter when I hear, "273!" A family of four is blocking me, but I lock eyes with the purple-eyeshadowed, red-capped teenager as she smiles and hands me the bag of fast food goodness. I swim through the crowd, jump in the car, and we're on our way, Zora sniffing the bag and giving her most pathetic, begging look. But I open the bag only to discover that my McFlurry is nowhere to be found.

"Did you forget to wait for it at the counter?"

I can't be the first person this has happened to. How was I to know that they hand you your McFlurry separately? This doesn't even make sense. It has a plastic top, so it's not like a cone that would spill all over the bag and its contents. The McFlurry should just go in the bag, right?

As we make our way through Oregon the next day, I turn to Tyler and (still distraught and completely serious" sigh, "I wonder what ever happened to my McFlurry..."

The poor little guy. He sat there waiting to be claimed as bag after bag of McNuggets and Big Macs and Spicy McChickens and Bacon McDoubles and McRibs and fries passed by. Condensation built as he sweated nervously. His cheeks blushed red and he melted into a puddle of ice cream tears, realizing that he'd been forgotten and would end up sucked through a straw on someone's lunch break or handed over haphazardly to the first person who would take him.

This is a public service announcement. If you go to McDonald's and order dessert, remember to wait at the counter -- your McFlurry will not be in the bag.

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