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Monday, July 28, 2014

"Before" House Photographs

There are so many treasures here, but especially the photographs we find of the house from fifty plus years ago. It's funny to see what furniture and pieces are still around now.

These pictures are of the main living room from different angles. There's still the black slate tile and wood paneling, plus the pouf chair on the bottom left.

Another pouf chair on the bottom right.

The big brick fireplace -- I'm guessing this picture was taken shortly after it was built since there's nothing else around.

Here it is again, furnished. I'm not entirely sure what's inside of it. Almost looks like a head. :\

View out the sliding doors.

Tyler's Great Uncle Bill sitting with a sailboat in the backyard.

Looking out at the water.

A couple more pictures of Tyler's Great Uncle Bill.

Hopefully we'll find more pictures of the house in its earlier days. We've been working on redecorating and organizing the living room, so look forward to the after photos! 

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