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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grammy's Birthday Weekend

As promised, here are some more pictures from my family's visit. Their flight didn't get in until about 1:30, so we decided to grill some burgers, hang out, and talk about plans for the long weekend. Tyler made the burgers and they were delicious.

Cecily was not impressed with the tomatoes.

Zora was thrilled to have more people to play with and of course remembered them all. When it came to Cecily, Zora was equal parts fascinated and terrified by the toddler, but she warmed up to her by the end of the trip and loved playing fetch with Cecily despite her short throws.

Also, Zora took a particular liking to Mimi, who insists that she's been ignoring the devil on her shoulder telling her to feed our puppy table scraps... :)

And of course Grandpa brought along his ukulele and had his fun playing with our instruments too.  Cecily enjoyed his rendition of "Five Little Speckled Frogs."

Cecily made her rounds and said her 'goodnights' to Uncle Brett.

Zora -- the fetch addict.

More from the long weekend after the jump!

Tyler and I decided to take out the kayaks for a bit, partially to show everyone just how fun and easy it is. My parents went out after we came back and then again another day with Brett. The water is always so placid.

Sometimes Zora's head looks like a little seal head poking out of the water.

On Saturday we headed to Downtown Gig Harbor to see the annual arts and crafts festival. There were some great paintings, jewelry, blown glass, and handcrafted adirondack chairs, but we were there just to look and enjoy the sunshine.

Here are Brett and Grandpa enjoying said adirondack chairs.

That day I decided to wear one of my mom's dresses from her younger days. She wore this dress to her bridal shower! 

The main reason for my family's trip was to celebrate my mom's birthday on Sunday. That day, they went to mass at the local Catholic church in the morning and we spent the day relaxing until dinner at Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican restaurant downtown.

Here is mom with Cecily, who is also wearing one of her dresses from her much much younger days.

Mimi and Cecily watched her favorite show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Cecily made her Grammy this tote bag, with a bit of help from her mommy and auntie.

And we took a family photo, with missing brother Aaron included.

Cecily enjoyed her See's lollipop.

At the restaurant, someone let slip that there was a birthday girl among us. When they put the sombrero on Cecily too, she said simply, "Tie it," and we all enjoyed a little of the fried ice cream. Of course, we still left room for birthday cake at home.

One last kayak ride.

On the last morning, Tyler sacrificed himself an hour after low tide to find a couple of starfish for the birthday girl and grandbaby.

What a ham. :)

Kisses for Grammy.

It was a great trip and we're looking forward to Washington 2015!

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