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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Favorite Store

When I was growing up, one of our frequent Saturday morning activities was going out to garage sales. With my grandparents and aunts and mom and sister, it was a family affair, and when asked where we had bought some item, we'd smile "Oh, at our favorite store..." However, I'm sad to say that as I got older, I became more and more reluctant to roll out of bed at six in the morning for it. In Arizona, garage sales start early to avoid the heat, but here in Washington, you'll be lucky if people start by ten, as explained to me by my husband.

"You're saying I can buy cool, cheap stuff and sleep in?" So here I am, ready to once again sing the praises of garage sailing. My only word of caution is to have a game plan as far as what you're searching for; otherwise, you'll end up with a car full of things you don't really need.

At one of the first places we went to, there was some great art to be had. Unfortunately, it seemed like a sad occasion. The couple who lived there was either moving in with their children or to a retirement home, and the shakily-written handwriting on the price stickers reminded me of my Grandpa Anderson.

When we walked by this piece, I jokingly started humming the theme to Lawrence of Arabia and mentioned how cool it would look with all of the artifacts in the house. There was no price sticker and when I asked one of the ladies there how much they wanted for it, she sighed, "A couple of bucks." We felt guilty paying just two dollars since it was obvious that the kids had no real attachment to it and had no way of knowing how much it may be worth. Other paintings in the house were labeled as twenty or twenty-five dollars.

That's why for the water color below, we paid the twenty dollars asked.

At another place, a woman saw us contemplating this chest. It had a five dollar sticker on it and when we hesitated, she offered it for a dollar. Sold! Once we clean it out and put in some contact paper, it will make great storage for board games. We've seen similar quality trunks for fifteen dollars at Goodwill, so this was a steal.

Then I found a container to store hats and scarves in the closet for fifty cents. These can go for over ten dollars at Target.

We've always wanted a globe, so we were psyched when we bought this one for two dollars. Most globes I've seen are at least thirty bucks.

We also bought a dolly for two dollars, another painting for ten, and a set of shelves for one. Now go out next Saturday morning and get garage sailing!

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