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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rear Window: Deck Edition

On Monday night we decided to head over to The Hub, a restaurant in Gig Harbor next to the Tacoma Narrows Airport. They have trivia on Monday nights and we've been anxious to check it out. The format and questions were different from what we're used to, but we came close to placing and it was fun to play and chat with Tyler's parents. After it ended, Tyler's parents headed home and we decided to stay a bit longer and walk home after. In retrospect, this was not the smartest idea.

The road home doesn't have much in the way of sidewalk or lighting, so the combination of a steep curb, little light, and carelessness lead me to fall, scrape and bruise my knee, and sprain my left ankle. Tyler started to carry me the rest of the way home when a young guy in a truck pulled over to give us a lift. A thousand thank yous to the kind stranger who lives on Fox Island and is moving to Scottsdale for flight school. You were a life saver.

Now I'm set up in a chair under a canopy on the deck checking out the view Rear Window style, binoculars and all. My ankle has swollen to abnormal size, but I'm adhering to rule of rest, ice, compression, elevation. According to WebMD I should fully heal up in four to six weeks, but I'm hoping to bounce back soon -- just not so soon that anyone can pressure me into trying wakeboarding.

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