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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Seattle Nostalgia

Our first Seattle trip as Washington residents was very reminiscent of my very first visit back in 2006, minus the whole 24-hour flu part. We took the ferry in, ate some Ivar's clam chowder, walked around Pike's Place, and drove by the space needle. When we went home, we hung out with friends and played Beyond Balderdash; however, eight years ago, I came home from Seattle and went straight to Urgent Care and an IV drip. Needless to say, this go-around was much more pleasant.

Enjoy our stereotypical tourist photos. Could someone please teach us how to take a picture without posing like we're at the prom?

Completely unnecessary umbrella. 

Completely necessary hot chocolate.

Space Needle! Question: Where would Frasier's apartment be to have a view of the Space Needle and all of those buildings? Because we'd like to know.

Our car was right at the front, so we had front row seats as the ferry docked. 

Poor pigeons can't catch a break. 

An Amazon Fresh truck.

Next time we won't go to all of the tourist spots on a Saturday right after a holiday. Next time.

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