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Thursday, July 24, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 5

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

I had a pretty good day. I got most of my homework done. I just forgot to bring my atlas home so I couldn't do my Geo-Themes.

In Language, we have these big research projects and I'm doing Fantasy Authors. My sub-topics are Hans Christian Andersen (I didn't pick him for his last name), Grimm Brothers, and Lewis Carroll (did you know his name was really Charles L. Dodgson?).

In Social Studies we are doing a Greek simulation. Here is my table arrangement:

Megan T.      Jordan          Nikky
Daniel            Me               David R.

Our name is Athens. We are the center of Greek culture. My name is Pythia. I'm the Oracle at Delphi and I have to dress religiously and be psychic (is that how you spell it?). I get to answer important questions. Naishi is Pandora and I can't remember what Leanne's was. 

I've decided to make a list of ideas to cure boredom:
1. Journal
2. Scrapbook
3. Take pictures
4. Write stories
5. Play instrument
6. Nap
7. Surf net
8. Make up dance
9. Sing
10. Knit
11. Play CD-Rom
12. Read
13. Work ahead for school
14. Pray rosary
15. Go shopping
16. Play sports
17. Make plans for dream house
18. Write a letter
19. Wash shoes
20. Make room super clean.

I'll add more later. Gotta go! Bye!

What cracks me up about my boredom list is that I've never scrapbooked in my life, not to mention the hilarious use of the phrase "Surf the net." I also didn't learn to knit proficiently until the past couple of years, so I don't know what big knitting aspirations I had back then. And of course, cleaning to cure boredom was very low on my twelve-year-old list of preferences. 

Fall 2000

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