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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Two-Week Mark

Tomorrow marks two weeks since we've moved up here to Washington, but somehow it feels like a lot longer. We've had a constant stream of visitors and have hardly had time to unpack, so it feels more like an extended vacation rather than a move. Here are some pictures around the house from the past two weeks.

Dusk here can sometimes be a match for Arizona's sunsets.

Water views -- everything always washes up on our beach, including giant pieces of driftwood.

The dock.

I tease Tyler about looking like a zoo animal in a glass cage, hard at work.

This spider decided to make a web between chair legs and the patio table.

The hammock -- everyone's favorite place.

High tide.

The house from the back. Can you spot Zora?

Zora is one happy dog.

More pictures to come from July 4th and one of many day trips into Seattle.

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