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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Grandmothers

Today marks two very important events. For one, it's been twenty years since my Grandma Anderson passed away. I was only six years old, so it's hard to say what I truly remember and what just feels like it's a memory since I've heard the stories, seen the home videos, and looked at pictures.

In elementary school though, you could start music classes in orchestra or band in the fifth grade and I chose to play my Grandma Anderson's violin. I remember the pride I felt when we picked up her violin from the instrument repair shop so many years ago. The man talked about what a wonderful instrument it was and what joy it brought him to repair and play it. He played a few strings of notes and I was so anxious to start making that same beautiful music. I wondered when my grandmother had started playing and imagined her practicing every night. I'm grateful to have that connection to her.

Photo collage courtesy of my dad
Secondly, today is my Mimi's birthday! You couldn't ask for a better grandma. She makes every one of her fifteen grandchildren feel important, special, and like they must be her favorite. I can hardly remember a time when she and my grandpa weren't at a basketball game, school play, or orchestra concert. Her love and commitment is something I hope to emulate in my own little family.

The video below is from my grandpa's 2012 "Mimi" Concert.

Grandpa and Mimi on their wedding day

Me and Mimi

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