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Monday, August 11, 2014

Olympic National Park: Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent

We had such an amazing time checking out the national parks here that I really really hope we're able stay here after my foot heals up (no pun intended). There is so much exploring to do and fun places to take Zora, but we barely scratched the surface, especially at Olympic National Park. Here are a few pictures from that day at Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent. 

Zora getting some love from family.

We had two different deer sightings -- once on the way up to Hurricane Ridge and then again at the visitor center itself.

Even just driving there was beautiful.

We took a pit stop to check out the views and to see if a certain puppy would go to the bathroom. No luck.

More after the jump...

Things got messy with Zora's water bottle.

Deer sighting number two.

These views looked straight out of The Sound of Music

We could see Victoria, Canada from here.

After Hurricane Ridge, we headed to Lake Crescent and couldn't believe how blue the water was. Apparently it's because the lake is incredibly deep with estimates of up to 1000 feet. It was certainly Zora's favorite stop.

I promise I had help getting into and out of this position. It is crazy to think that we thought all I had was a sprain. 

Blackberry bushes are everywhere around here and even on our property. Speaking from personal and recent experience, blackberries are delicious over vanilla ice cream and Cool Whip. :)

We can't wait to go back. Of course, as soon as I posted the very first photo of this post as my new Facebook profile picture, my clever dad sent me this one:

It certainly pays to have a dad with a sense of humor and knowledge of Photoshop. I still can't keep a straight face when I look at it. 

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