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Thursday, August 28, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 10

Janury 6, 1996

Dear Journal,

We are going to Aarons game. After that We're going to Flagstaff. We might Stay in Flagstaff when we're suppost to go in sckool. I spent the night at Heather and Haley's house. Any way let's get back to thinking about Flagstaff. I have to take Lisa Marie A. with me. (She's my Bitty Baby. She has a Bitty Bear.) She cry's so much. It hurt's my ears. We're at the game. I scraped my thumb on the white coloring board. Aaron's team made a basket! I have to watch. Aaron's team won!


So Bitty Babies. I don't know what they cost in 1996, but eighty dollars seems steep to me. Also, these accessories -- what person is paying money for special 'bitty' bunnies and snack cups? My future daughter's doll (if she does have accessories) will be getting these items from the dollar store and garage sales. 

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