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Thursday, August 14, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 8


Dear Careen,

Tommorrow is the big day of the 3rd grade program. It's so soon. (I didn't get a speaking part though.)

I can't wait for Wham! to start! I need practice. When I went to Flagstaff I had to get stitches. I've had lots of injuries. I broke my right arm, bruised my side, and got stiches when I was three again. John is exacley the same way!

Our school program is so funny! I'll tell you about it later.


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Well, 1996 Katie, you can add a broken foot and ankle to your list of injuries now. Apparently John was my third grade crush. Why him being accident prone would have been an asset is beyond me. And needless to say, I never told my journal anything about the school program. Can you believe I won third place in the school spelling bee a year after this journal entry?

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