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Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to School

Since I stopped teaching at the end of May, I've been going a little crazy. At first, there was no greater relief than to know that I wouldn't be teaching full time and that I would have some time to myself. But then, the back to school Facebook posts came rolling in, and I started to envy all of my teacher friends. As stressful and difficult as teaching is in Arizona right now, I still miss the familiar faces and the aha! moments and the PLC meetings and being surrounded by the best English teachers around. Most of all I miss having some degree of a mental challenge every day. I was talking about this with my mom and she brought the library's online classes to my attention.

I looked through the Gale Courses catalog of offerings and signed up for three classes: GRE Preparation - Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical), Grammar Refresher, and Beginning Writer's Workshop. This round of classes starts September 17 and goes for six weeks. I'm really excited and hope that I get something out of them. The next rounds of classes start October 15, November 12, and December 10. If this works out, I'll definitely take some more. They offer classes in everything from accounting and finance to health care to law to computer applications and more. Unfortunately, they are really lacking in math and science courses (unless they're related to the medical field), but there's always Khan Academy for that. When we're back in Washington, I'd love to look into the town's parks and rec classes -- maybe sewing finally?

What about you? Have you ever taken a class just for fun?

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