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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Camping in Coconino National Forest

As we drove through rain and hail up to the Blue Ridge campground at Coconino, we came this close to skipping camping and hunkering down at the cabin. I'm certainly glad that we didn't because as soon as our tents were set up and the beers were cracked, the rain had slowed to a sprinkle to a mist to nothing at all.

Highlights of the day include: listening to Run Boy Run for the first time on the drive up; sleeping on a shockingly comfortable air mattress; watching Zora snatch her tennis ball out of the air over and over again; eating hot dogs, s'mores, and mildly-crunchy, five-second-rule turkey burgers; Zora stealing sticks from the firewood pile; the bear warning signs cautioning campers to not try to take their food back from the bears; and good conversation with good friends. We can't wait to do it again!

Crammed and cozy in the car.

Fetch? Anyone?

A few more photos after the jump.

Me and Tyler with Zora in the background.

Emily and Billy.

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