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Friday, September 19, 2014

Have a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday at my follow-up appointment the doctor said I can officially start walking on my boot without crutches and I am psyched! It still feels a little weird/painful, so I'm easing in and using one crutch for now.

This is our last weekend in Arizona before we make our way back to Washington. We're spending it celebrating family birthdays, going to see The Maze Runner, and making the most out of our time. I will also be writing the alphabet with my left foot over and over to loosen it up. :) Even though I've just barely started my online classes through the library, I'm really enjoying them so far. The discussion board for my writing class is by far the most active, and it makes me realize just how many stories are out there to be told, fictional or otherwise. If I end up writing anything worth posting, you'll be the first to know. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! Here are fourteen links:
The Onion, you know me too well.

StoryCorps animations are so powerful -- this is one of my favorites.

Suitcase life has me considering a "capsule wardrobe."

Growing-ups as a stage between teenage years and adulthood.

Speaking of growing up, Anastasia is on Netflix, you guys!

And Anastasia's necklace is on etsy.

(My favorite French actress, Marion Cotillard by Tom Munro)

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