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Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the road. Again.

Since we'll be on the road for the next week, I'm going to take a little hiatus from the blog while we travel and get settled back into our house. I'm excited for this trip and can't wait to share our adventures! I thought about scheduling posts for every day while we were gone, but that became a bit too daunting. In lieu of that plan, here are some posts you may have missed.

Life Events

Our engagement story.

Our wedding day.

Our honeymoon.

The day we first met Zora and Cinder! (Zora has the yellow collar and Cinder has the red one.)

Zora at one month oldthe day we brought her home, her first friend, and her bee sting.

My niece and I


Last summer's visit to New York.

'Spooky' Halloween Disneyland.

NYE in San Francisco.

Our family day trip to Seattle.

Golden Gate Park


Our year of membership to the Phoenix Zoo.

Spring break at the Grand Canyon.

Going to the lake with friends.

Our friends Emily and Billy at Canyon Lake

Creative Writing

A tribute to my grandparents.

Valentine's Day advice.

On birthdays.

What will my descendants do with my books?

David Sedaris quote via pinterest

My Time in Europe

Arriving in France.

French churches.

French music Fridays.

Unintentionally creepy French museums.

Père Lachaise.

London, Kensington Gardens, and Peter Pan.


French Christmastime cuisine.

One of the schools I taught at in France in '11-'12

Blog Features

Throwback Thursday journals.

Sunday Sketches.

Wildlife Sightings.

What I'm Reading.

Weekend Links.

(Top image found via pinterest and I added the text.)

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