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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Road Trippin'

Tyler and I love a good road trip. We've driven to California more times than I could ever count to visit friends and family in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, San Francisco. I've even taken the drive up to Washington with him multiple times. The initial moving drive back in June had its fair share of complications, namely: a heavy U-haul trailer, a rambunctious puppy, a certain wife with a tendency to lock car doors, and a certain husband with a tendency to leave keys in odd places (i.e. pocket of jacket left inside the car). The McFlurry incident is also worth mentioning. This time, however, the drive was even more difficult (especially for Tyler) because with my broken foot, I am basically a cripple. 

Every time we stopped for food, Tyler had to follow a series of complex steps:

1. Find a parking spot relatively close to our destination (e.g. gas station bathroom, McDonald's, rest stop).
2. Carry sixty-pound dog out of the truck because she's too chicken to jump out by herself.
3. Walk to other side of the vehicle with dog on her leash to get wife's crutches out of the truck bed. 
4. Hand crutches to wife.
5. Find a grassy area.
6. Place dog food and water in grassy area and deposit wife on the ground.
7. Repeatedly beg dog to "go potty."
8. Give up. Resolve to try again before leaving.
9. Hand dog's leash to seated wife and take wife's reluctant food/snack order.
10. Leave to order food/snack.
11. Bring out food and eat with wife.
12. Scold dog for blatantly trying to take Spicy McChicken sandwich directly out of wife's hand.
13. Pick wife up off the ground so she can crutch her way to the bathroom.
14. Play fetch with dog, avoiding throwing frisbee into street.
15. Help wife sit back down.
16. Leave to use the restroom.
17. Repeat dog "potty" request with mild success.
18. Throw away trash.
19. Help wife stand back up.
20. Lift dog into truck.
21. Place wife's crutches in truck bed.
22. Open driver side door.
23. Push dog out of driver's seat and onto wife's lap.
24. Drive six hours.
25. Repeat steps 1-24. 

I'm a lucky woman.

The rest of the ride wasn't so bad. As usual, Zora went into road trip hibernation, only sitting up when she didn't approve of Tyler's driving. Windy roads? Sit up. Hard brake? Sit up. U-turn? Sit up. At each moment, she would make a point of turning her head to give Tyler one of her deep, disapproving looks.  

When not sleeping or criticizing Tyler's driving, Zora liked to stare at her reflection in the back window.

We usually drive to Arizona through Oregon and California, but this time we drove from Washington to Oregon to Idaho to Nevada to Arizona. This was our view of the Columbia River on our way into Oregon.

Full hibernation mode.

Selfies with Zora and Tyler's hand.

More photos and details after the jump.

One of my favorite parts of driving through Oregon is the rest stops. There is always plenty of grassy space to let Zora play around and get out her energy. It was also cool to see all of the Oregon Trail signs.

Mid-jump for her frisbee. 

All curled up.

We took U.S. highways instead of interstates for much of the drive, which turned out to be kind of scary. At one point, we saw a sign that said we were 153 miles from the next gas service! After a panicked look at our gas gauge, we figured we were fine, but what if we had broken down? Hardly anyone was on the road and neither of us could pick up a cell phone signal. Creepy.

We drove through Las Vegas. It came up out of nowhere and looked really smoggy from a distance.

Our trusty Rand McNally atlas took us through the drive since neither of us have smart phones or a GPS.

The highlight of the drive? I finally got my McFlurry. :)

After 26 hours of driving, we finally made it back. On our way back up to Washington, we hope to take things slower and go camping at Sequoia and Yosemite. Keep your fingers crossed for my broken foot!

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