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Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBT: Photo Edition

Tomorrow we're leaving for San Diego and our way back to Washington. We plan to stop at some national parks on the way, including Sequoia, Redwood, and Yosemite. These photos are from my family's visit during spring break of 2003 -- I'm so excited to go back to these spots!

Brett, Aaron, me, and Mindy

Brett, Mindy, me, and Aaron
The 2003 Spring Break trip has gone down in history with our family, mostly for its mishaps:
  • Driving through the countryside and caravanning with my aunt and uncle, we passed fields of cows and my mom brought on the conversation topic of cow colors. For several minutes, we all talked about our favorite ones, brown, black and white, etc. Suddenly, my uncle pulled over and when he stopped, my aunt burst out of the passenger door in a fury, exclaiming that my uncle had gotten us all lost. As she went back to their van, someone in our car said, "We should have asked her what's her favorite color cow." This became the default response to any flustered or irritated person.
  • We spent day one of our visit to San Francisco planning out what sites we wanted to see the next day, and ended up leaving early the following morning for fear of riots after the official invasions of Iraq. I still have never been to the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf. 
  • We drove out of San Francisco without crossing any bridges. It took forever.
  • As a consolation, we decided to stop briefly at Yosemite on our way to our timeshare in Arnold, California. It wasn't as "on the way" as we thought it was, and after three and a half hours of driving, one of my uncles exclaimed, "I've been deceived!" -- now one of the most oft-quoted family inside jokes. 
  • Said uncle's wife ended up breaking her ankle while standing on a rock at the first roadside viewpoint.
As a family, we laugh about this trip all the time even though there were so many problems. It's funny how family trips can do that. 

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