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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Latest Newlyweds

My cousin Luke and my long-time friend Naishi are officially married! I'm not sure of exactly when they very very first met, but I'm guessing it must've been at some family function with me or at the dance studio where Naishi and Luke's sister Lindsey both went. Either way, this marriage has been long in the making and I could not be more excited for them. Though Naishi has been considered a part of the family for a long time, I'm pretty psyched that we are now official cousins-in-law.

They were married on Saturday in a small, family ceremony in Colorado and honeymooning in Peru! Looking forward to the pictures and more memories to come. 

One of my favorite dance pictures of all time. Who knew that two of them would be married ten years later? 

Grandpa, Luke, and me camping.

Luke and me before our senior prom -- Luke and Naishi went together.

Naishi and me in junior high.

Naishi and me in high school.

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