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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I'm Reading: Vol. 9

After reading Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars a few months ago, I wasn't that interested in reading An Abundance of Katherines. It's about a prodigy named Colin who has recently been dumped (by the most recent of eighteen Katherine girlfriends) and excels at anagramming. The anagrams were probably my favorite part. I'm still not overly impressed with it, but it was a quick, occasionally funny read -- it just didn't have the same emotional gravity or urgency of the other two books. There was nothing that drove the plot along other than Colin's desire to write a math theorem that predicts the trajectory of any given romantic relationship. You can only dedicate so many chapters to math.

I did love Green's reference to the Democritus quote below. I'm not a big believer in "things always happen for a reason," and I think this is a nice alternative. 

via Barnes and Noble

I was all set to start The Book Thief next, but then Steve Martin's memoir Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life finally popped onto my digital bookshelf and I had to get started. It wasn't as funny as I'd expected it to be, but it was fascinating to read about how his career began. I loved his stories about working at Disneyland in the early days. His first job there was selling guidebooks for a quarter at the gate, and after finishing his shift at noon, he was allowed free admission to the park. If that's not the coolest kid job ever, I don't know what is.

Steve Martin later working in the magic shop at Disneyland, via pinterest
Toward the end of the book, he writes about how he started the screenplay for The Jerk in an effort to get out of stand-up comedy and into film. A lot of the movie came from his stand-up bits, including the opening line and the final scene when he leaves Bernadette Peters. One of his favorite parts of the movie, though, was the sweet "Tonight You Belong to Me" scene (originally written in 1926). Unfortunately, at least according to him, this was the part of the movie where most people took their bathroom breaks and got their popcorn refills. It's a beautiful song and I've quickly fallen down the rabbit hole of listening to covers (there are some good ones :).

Do you have any favorite movie music scenes?

P.S. Here's a ukulele tutorial for the song if you're interested.

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