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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mini Updates

I was on such a roll with regular posting this summer, but I've run out of steam these past few weeks. To be honest, there hasn't been much going on. Every day Tyler works on applications and documents for his old lab. I work on my online classes and tend to our increasingly needy, teenage dog who likes to defiantly run away into the neighbor's yard when we don't play enough to wear her out. (We love her, but seriously, the sneaking next door has got to stop.) Then we end our days with Boardwalk Empire or an AFI Top 100 movie or an episode of New Girl. However, there are a few sort-of-noteworthy-but-not-really things going on:

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1. Upping our fetch game: We decided to check out a few of the dog parks around town, and while at the McCormick Forest Park Tyler started throwing Zora's tennis ball stickball style. It turns out that not only is Tyler a more than decent hitter, but fetch is far more interesting when the 'fetch-ee' gets to use a little hand-eye coordination. We found a plastic Little Tikes bat and I've now fulfilled my latent, fourth grade dream: Batting endlessly for an outfielder that never wants a turn at the plate.

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2. Hair drama: Every time I look in the mirror, I want to change my hair. It's such an insignificant obsession and I have far more important topics to research (ahem, graduate schools, GRE, job opportunities), but I can't tear myself away from pinterest and the endless pictures of full bangs, blunt bobs, light perms, and pixie cuts. So far, I'm thinking I want to revisit bangs. I haven't had them since the end of high school and I grew them out almost immediately, mostly because I had also dyed my hair to a Jenny Lewis shade of red and that was just too many changes for one hair appointment. I need to figure out what I want because in mid-November I will be embarking on...

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3. An Arizona visit!: I'll be in town for a little less than a week to go to my cousin Lindsey's baby shower and my sister's blessingway. I am excited to see everyone and hope to squeeze in that hair appointment, a night out with friends, and maybe a happy hour/game night with my teacher friends (?). Speaking of employment, I sort of have a...

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4. New Job: Tomorrow will mark my second night working as one of the new trivia hosts at Cafe Forza, and it is awesome. I didn't think it was possible, but hosting might actually be more fun than playing. The only hard part is coming up with the questions; luckily, I remember a lot of random trivia questions from over the past few years.

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5. Ankle Update: I've had two physical therapy appointments and several exercises and stretches that I do two to three times a day. I've gotten the okay to do some cardio, but that means walking thirty minutes on a treadmill or thirty minutes on an upright bike. I'm just happy to be doing something, and the YMCA will be a nice haven on rainy days. Tyler is signed up too, and plans to watch Sunday football from the treadmill.

6. Adjusting to the Weather: It is cold. The heat in our bedroom and bathroom work well, but the living room climate leaves something to be desired. Tyler wants to get a fake fireplace, which seems cheesy but practical. At the same time, the weather forecast can never be counted on. There were at least three times this week when rain and fog were forecast for all day, but it ended up being sunny. Cold and windy, but sunny. I'll take what I can get. 

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