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Thursday, October 16, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 11

Saturday, April 22, 2000

I want to write a story but I don't know what of. First I thought of writing a story about a girl who lived on a Carribean Island. Then I thought of a girl in Chile, Italy, or France. There are so many options! 

About April 5th, I worked everything out about my grades. I now have all A's! Yeah!

Today is cleaning day! Blah! I hate cleaning! I wish I could just push a button and my room would be clean! Cleaning is a very slow process. When Mindy and I were little, we'd be cleaning and we would find a toy we hadn't played with in ages. We'd start playing and Mom would get so mad! Mindy and I were mischevious little tikes!

I wish I had my own room. Then it wouldn't be so messy. My room would be perfect! I will draw a picture of it on the next page: 

My bedspread would have butterflies or flowers on it. My desk would have a chair for it so I could do schoolwork there. My room today has a CD player on it so I am not able to work there.

Gotta go! Adios!

Katrina Lyn

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Some things never change. It's been a slow week on the blog because it's been a busy one around here. Zora saw the vet for two vaccines. I've been "cleaning," catching up on my online classes, and knitting some new projects. Tyler has been flying through his applications to meet all of the deadlines before our short visit to Berkeley this weekend for the Cal game. Hopefully they play better than last Saturday. We went to Tides Tavern to watch and it was no fun being surrounded by Huskies fans.

P.S. Yes, my twelve-year-old handwriting was atrocious. I promise it's better now.

P.P.S. For all of my former students that claimed they couldn't fix their penmanship, I call bull****.


  1. Bahahahaha I am so stealing that housework picture!! Hilarious!!!! And I love that you share your old journal entries. I have cried from laughing so hard at some of my ridiculous journal entries from back in the day....

    1. They really are ridiculous. I'm pretty boring once I get into the junior high entries (nearly all of them revolve around needing to be more outgoing/getting a boyfriend), but the earlier journals are amazingly silly. I like doing the posts because it gives me an excuse to read through them every week. :)