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Friday, November 7, 2014

Have a fabulous weekend.

This weekend I'll be getting ready for my trip to Arizona next week. I can't wait! It will be nice to get some of that warmer weather before coming back to the chilly Northwest. Today it's sunny! We plan to run some errands across the bridge and have a picnic with Zora in the park. Cross your fingers that we don't get rained out. Here are this weekend's links.

A favorite song.

Delicious, simple chicken recipe. (I've used it at least five times and it always turns out perfectly.)

Daniel Radcliffe plays Not My Job. ("You may be Harry Potter, but what do you know about Harry Pottery?")

Nerdy statistics joke.

Digging the layered rugs look.

Sweet wall Christmas trees for a small space.

Cute rollerskating engagement session.

A cool morse code bracelet how-to.

An end table that doubles as a dog crate.

Loving the POV series on the blog Sho & Tell.

On changing your part for a quick new look.

Too funny. Been there before.

Fun cactus mug.

Roald Dahl's sweet response to a fan "letter."

(Image found on haukotella via pinterest)

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