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Thursday, November 6, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 14


Dear Journal,

Today Mindy got her cast taken off! To celebrate, we bought Sugar Wafers! Sorry that I didn't write much last time. I was busy getting ready to go to the movie. 

After the movie, Haley and I used the love tester! I got "Tonight's the Night!" and Haley got "All Talk"! It was very funny! Haley played the machine until she got "Wild and Crazy!" We made Luke play it and he got "BLAH!!!" He also played it until he got "Wild and Crazy!". It took up a lot of change!

I wonder if Ryan really likes me? He is on my basketball team at school and is nice enough to let me sub-in for him. He even gives me high-5's and says, "Good Luck!" when I come in the game. I don't think I will tell Leanne or Naishi about my crush on Ryan. They would make fun of me. We always have said that he's ugly and skinny and that he's a jerk. He's not. He's not as ugly as I used to see him as. He's actually quite cute with red little freckles on his cheeks and his brown and wavy hair. 

BreAnn likes David, Leanne likes Scott, and Naishi won't tell us who she likes. I think Jordan likes her and she likes him back. Alissa likes Josh. I know that he likes her too. Whenever she's not looking, he makes googly eyes at her. It is so cute!

Tomorrow we will go to the zoo. Haley & Heather can't come because they are at a time-share in California. 

I will write the details tomorrow (mañana).

Katrina Lyn

KATRINA LYN (Written in block letters)

P.S. Mindy wrote this for me. What a nice hermana (sister). 

via pinterest and Fine Art America

This journal entry is so full of embarrassing tidbits that I hardly know where to start. I suppose that now a pre-smartphone high five and "Good Luck!" are comparable to an emoji smiley face or maybe a like on instagram. (OMG, what does it mean? Do you think he likes me??? #mixedmessages #crush #helovesmehelovesmenot #fifthgradeproblems) Either way, Ryan was obviously just a nice kid. My particularly boy-crazy entries make me wish time travel was real. First, I would tell eleven-year-old me that just because a boy is nice to you, that doesn't mean he wants to hold your hand during couple's rollerskating. Second, I would tell her to join drama club, not cheerleading. Finally, to stop agonizing over finding the perfect flare jeans. But, why ruin all the fun.

And Naishi, good call not telling us your crush. Otherwise everyone on the internet would be reading about it now.

via vintageadbrowser
Now I have a sudden urge to go rollerskating and drink a Coke. 

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