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Thursday, November 20, 2014

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 16

Sun., Sept. 19, 1999

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven't written for so long. Here's the update.

We did sugar babies after Labor Day. I had a girl and named her Chastity. Leanne also had a girl and named her Kamiel. Naishi had a boy and named him A.J. (short for Alexander James). It was lots of fun except that Leanne missed everything except for a little bit of Friday! I felt so bad for her! I think she had the flu.

I had my 2nd soccer game yesterday. We lost 4-3. The good thing was that I made my first goal! It was very exciting. I hope I make lots more. 

Last Friday, we had cave man oral reports. My group had to do Homo erectus. I wish we could have done the austrolopithicines. We did have fun though. We also had a pizza party, but the delivery was late. Oh well. It was still good pizza.

I really need to take my shower. I'll tell more later.

Love, Katie

Way to go, Katie. You gave your first child a stripper name. Good thing I got that out of the way before actually having kids. What exactly is the point of sugar baby projects anyway? Is it about teaching basic responsibility or is it meant to deter kids from premarital sex? Or both? Either way, I'm glad I taped my sugar baby's face into my journal. 

Also, I'm not sure why I had a preference for types of cave men. For the record, it's australopithecines. 

Australopithecines Lucy via University of Minnesota Duluth

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