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Friday, January 23, 2015

Baby Season

Happy Friday! We are nearing the end of the baby season in our family since my sister gave birth to Marliese Rosemary on January 11 and my cousin had Ethan Paul on January 18. Now we're just waiting on Dominic Ignatius to join the party. I have fully embraced my role as an aunt that knits silly hats and toys. Here are some of the projects I've made (and neglected blogging for), if you'd like to see…

Marliese Rosemary's Fox Hat and Octopus:

When I saw this pattern on, I'm pretty sure that I squealed audibly. I mean, the ears. Come on. Look at how pointy and cute they are. Unfortunately I made the actual hat a bit long (I used the smallest round loom, but I never stop early enough), so the brim has to be flipped up to not cover up too much of her sweet little face. Still, cute.

For the octopus toys, I followed a youtube tutorial from Caring Caps. They turned out hilarious and adorable except for those eyes. In the tutorial, she just makes x's for the eyes, but that just made them look like dead octopi, in my opinion. I bought buttons for the eyes instead, but that ended up too Coraline-esque, so I sewed over and over until I got something that (hopefully) resembles an eye. So far, the older siblings have appreciated the octopi -- I'll take that as a good sign.

Ethan Paul's Bear Hat and Octopus:

For Ethan's hat, I went the polar bear route and used this tutorial for the ears. They're simpler than the fox ears in that they're only one color, but a little more time-consuming when you're actually sewing them onto the hat since they're double-sided. 

Dominic's ASU Hat and Octopus:

For Dominic, I went with ASU colors and a pom pom. I haven't had a lot of success with pom poms and was pretty convinced that you need to have a legit pom pom maker; however, if you have the patience and coordination to just use your hand, it's just fine. 

What are you up to this weekend? I'll be looking for more knitting patterns, especially since my oldest niece's birthday is around the corner. ;) Maybe more octopus and/or squid friends? 

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