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Thursday, January 15, 2015

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 18

Saturday, Feb. 5, 2000

Sorry it took me so long. I've been really busy. I just finished marking my calendar with a few things. I'll start with Dec. 31st '99. We watched some movies at home but around 11 PM, my family & I decided to go to church. It wasn't very crowded, so we drove down to apart by Sun Devil Stadium. My mom said we used to go there on the 4th of July with the Sherman's (family friends). Mom snapped a picture just as the fireworks started. Amazing, huh?

Around Dad's birthday, (he turned 40 Jan. 18th) him, Mom, Brian, & Anita went on a cruise. They brought us some gifts from Mexico. Mimi and Grandpa stayed with us while Mom & Dad was were gone. We had fun with our grandparents.

A little after they got back, we were told our Great-great aunt Rea died. She was almost 93 years old. Mom went to the funeral in Wisconsin. Considering Auntie Rea died, she had a good time seeing her family. 

On Jan. 26th, I went to the Macbeth workshop with my ALP class. It was a lot of fun. We were going to see the play on Jan. 28th (we being the 6th grade ALP students) if it weren't for a journalist in the newspaper hadn't given it an R-rating. Because of him, the play was canceled for the entire Gilbert school district!

Yesterday was a half day but I was still very busy. I had to go to a Choral Festival Rehearsal, a CHAMPS presentation, Jump Rope for Heart, a changing video (they made pancakes into the shapes of body parts! It was gross! Then, Briana told Kevin about it and he told all the boys. It was a disaster!), & after school I went to Naishi's house to work on a Math Project (we have to make a model of a 70's Theme Park). That was a run-on, huh? Oh well. It's not like anyone is grading this.

Today we went to Lyndsey's 1st b-day party (Lyndsey is a little girl Mommy babysits). It was ok.

B-ball was great! I got lots of steals, Brett was adorable, & Aaron got 12 pts.! Isn't that great! I've gotta go! Bye!

Katie A.

P.S. I'm going to a church lock-in next week.
P.P.S. We went to Target and I got bras and a new lipgloss (strawberry roll-on!)

Now I know where my early distaste for censorship came from. In hindsight, perhaps Macbeth was worthy of an R-rating, but how violent can a stage production really be?

Also, does anyone else remember the "changing" videos in elementary school? They actually did have a segment where a mother made pancakes to explain the female reproduction system. I suppose it made an impression.

Can you still buy roll-on lip gloss?


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