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Thursday, January 29, 2015

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 19

Sunday, December 12, 1999

Aunt Kelly might have her baby today! They're on their way to the hospital. I will write what happens on notebook paper and tape it in. Bye!

We are on the way to the hospital. Aunt Kelly is going to have her baby! Aunt Anita is with us. Gotta go.

At the Hospital

Nick, big-brother-to-be, calls the baby "New Baby". It is so cute! He can't wait to be a big brother. Nick had some Cheetos and he ate every bit! He's so adorable! He'll be two on Dec. 25th. Nick is so precious! Gotta go. Tim & Tammy are here!

After Seeing the Baby

It's a girl! The streak is over! They aren't sure what to name her, though. Gotta go! We're in the car so my handwriting is sloppy. 

Monday, December 13, 1999

The baby (they still haven't named her) is 22 1/4" long and weighs 9 lbs. I hope they name her Amber. That would be so cute!

We started Secret Santa today! I got a candy cane with a candy Piglett on it! It was so cute and so yummy! My Secret Santa (and also my <3crush<3) is Bill W. I got him a bag of Warheads. He loved it! I'm relieved! Tomorrow I'm giving him a pack of cards. I hope he likes it!

Me and Amber, circa Prom 2005

In the spirit of baby fever that is my Facebook newsfeed, I bring you the day my cousin Amber was born. I remember being so excited to have another girl in the family, as evidenced by my 12! exclamation points. It really has been amazing to see her grow up. And I do mean up -- she's been taller than me for years now. I'm sure glad that they ended up naming her Amber; otherwise this would have been a pretty embarrassing entry. Oh wait -- I bought Warheads for my crush (6! count for the exclamation points). Still embarrassing.

I do worry sometimes that our (very distant) future pregnancy plans might cause us to miss the family baby boom. However, there is comfort in knowing that age differences become less important with time. Even if our kids are a whopping three or four years younger than their cousins, there isn't such a difference between a seven-year-old and a ten-year-old. Right?

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